Thursday, February 22, 2007

Practical principals to avoid danger to yourself

1-If you don’t want enemies, don’t have friends.
2-Love is not a dove.
3-Don’t be so sweet that people will want to eat you, or so bitter that people will want to throw you away.
4-Open the lips, Sink the ship (In other words, your words and the things you say have a great impact. Use with consciousness).
5-Excellence, Elegance and Grace are the three elements of a human being. If somebody challenges these three in you then avoid that person.
6-Only share your strengths, not your weaknesses.
7-If somebody says "I Love you", wait for the next step. People use love as a hook, they say they love you but they are only out to get something from you.
8-Trust all for nothing.
9-Remember your blessings over your weaknesses.
0-Don’t utter words in friendship that can be used against you in animosity.

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